Front End Developer

We’re looking for a creative front-end developer to join the Lead Agency family.

The average working environment can be as stale as the smell of a smoker friendly pub in the 90’s. We’re different.

No traffic. No commute. No strangers armpits on an underground train. No travel costs. No clock watching. No grey walls. No manager breathing down your neck. We like to meet up. We like to drink coffee. We like to eat food and we like to collaborate. Water cooler chat is optional.

We believe that environment is everything. We give you the opportunity to work where you are most inspired; be that in your home or in a shared space.

All we ask is that you are an hours commute from London.


We are a creative agency who are experts in design and marketing. We cover branding, print, web design, app design, online digital marketing as well as other creative endeavours.

Much like Ronaldo’s waistline or the ego of Justin Bieber, we are rapidly expanding. And growth is awesome. We need someone to help us grow, and grow with us. That’s you.


  • Have an excellent attention to detail (extremely important)
  • Are really really organised
  • Are a great communicator
  • Have a flair for animating sites to bring them to the next level
  • Have good eye for design
  • Have a basic knowledge of SEO practice
  • Have a genuine love for what you do
  • Can speak the lingo (English to be precise, additional languages are always a plus!)


  • Freedom to work where you feel most productive
  • Friendly sociable team who love collaboration
  • Opportunity to make your mark on a growing business
  • Your ideas will always be heard
  • Opportunity to work on a variety of interesting projects
  • Regular team meet ups (nights out & food)


Sounds great, right?

If this sounds like your kind of job, get in touch! A portfolio (ideally online) is an absolute must so that we can see your skills first hand! Please also upload your CV. If you don’t have an online portfolio, combine your CV and portfolio together.